Service Special Offers Now at Audi Uptown

Complimentary First Service

At Audi Uptown, your first scheduled service interval at 15,000 km is complimentary, on us.

Our Master Technicians have the latest Factory training to ensure your Audi is operating at its peak efficiency.

Your Audi will reward you with the best driving and ownership experience if properly maintained.

What Does Your Audi Need?

Keep your Audi operating to the peak of its potential by knowing its story with the Audi online literature tool. By entering your vehicle's VIN or Model Year, Model, and trim level you can see the specifications for your Audi and follow the recommendations provided within it to keep it at its best. 

You can access our simple, easy to use online tool by clicking HERE
No One Knows Your Audi Better.

Each time you bring in your Audi for service, we offer a Complimentary Multi-Point Inspection which includes a comprehensive assessment of your vehicle. Your Service Consultant will review an inspection checklist with you to help you understand the condition of your Audi-no matter how long you've had your vehicle.

Oil Change

One of the most important maintenance actions you can take is to change your oil regularly. Oil changes are recommended at specified mileage intervals. 

Even if you're not driving much, the oil still needs changing at specified time intervals to ensure it remains stable and effective at protecting your engine. 

We use only factory authorized synthetic oil that has been rigorously tested to keep your Audi running like new. 

Prices vary depending on your model.

Get up to 20% Off Service Welcome Back Offer

If your Audi has over 100,000km or more, we've got a great offer for you:

• Over 100,000km: rReceive 10% Off      Parts & Labour

• Over 150,000km: Receive 15% Off          Parts & Labour

• Over 200,000km: Receive 20% Off Parts & Labour

Audi Uptown is welcoming you back with this exclusive Audi Offer

*Hurry. Offer Ends December 31st!

Complimentary Roadside Assistance

When you perform any paid Service work at Audi Uptown, we'll give you 12 months of complimentary Roadside Assistance.

We're so confident in the quality of our work that we want you to be equally certain.