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Hi Scott and Fred,

We wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude about a few of your colleagues. We were in the market for a new vehicle as our existing Infiniti lease was coming up for renewal. We went into Audi Uptown to see what our options were as we were also interested in the Allroad. I was greeted by Anastasia, and her non-aggressiveness approach was what allowed me to sit down with her and provide me with a quick overview of what I was looking for.

From our chat, Anastasia provided me with detailed quotes for the Allroad along with some alternative vehicle suggestions based on my requirements. She managed to arrange a few vehicles for me to test drive which allowed me to make our final decision. We must say that this was one of our best car shopping experience ever. Anastasia was very informative and she was answering every question of ours patiently. Nowadays, it commonly is seen that Brand Specialist just don’t do enough of a good job and their only objective is to get money out of your wallet. But, Brand Specialist like Anastasia delivered an incredible customer service and a pleasant experience.

We also wanted to express our gratitude and professionalism that Scott Corbett provided. I've always been very wary of Financial Sales/Service Managers, often with good reason, but Scott redefined the stereotype. We would also like to thank Scott for answering all of our questions honestly, and making the whole process not as painful as it otherwise could have been. That's a pretty ideal situation when it comes to buying a new car, and it's all thanks to your great colleagues.

We just wanted to take this opportunity to share this with you and thank you for your service and your professionalism. We also hope that this information will be shared with your team, but more importantly with Constantine Siomos, Sr. Vice President of Operations and the Dealer Principal, Helen Ching-Kircher. We do apologize if this was sent to the incorrect individuals as we were not too sure who Anastasia Zaychuk or Scott Corbett report to, and we hope that this message reaches the appropriate individuals.

We will be coming to your showroom for the years ahead.


Joseph L.

I went to another Audi dealer before and didn't like their customer service. I liked the customer service at Audi Uptown. Pravin Rajagopal Provide the excellent customer service which helped in my decision to by the car at Audi Uptown.****

Customer service is very Important to me. I bought the car due to great customer service. ****

- Certified Pre Owned Client